What is Seed Creative Projects?

The seeds

All experts in their field, our talented seed members have almost too much experience in business and marketing strategy, media, magazine and newspaper editorial, styling, photography, design and social media.

The pods

They unite to form pods, uniquely created per project, based on client needs, relevant experience and innovation required. Think of them as your own personal dream team, assembled for your mission, dissolved when accomplished.

The science

Because our pods are organic, clients pay for the creative services they need rather than cover overheads of a bigger organization. They’re slick − not slack.

The growth

Our seeds often germinate in their own creative space, allowing for each contributor to focus on their specialty. However regular pod powwows are conducted throughout the project, ensuring that all seed members are on the same page and working towards blooming great results.

Where to start?

  1. Drop us a line and give us a brief overview of your creative needs and budget so that our creative team can get back to you with a plan of action.
  2. If you like what we’re putting down, a carefully selected dream team will come together to start work on your project.


Because each project is unique, we cannot give an indication of costs on the website however budget will be discussed and project plans will be created with this in mind. Naturally, the length and logistical requirements of each project will determine the cost.