About Us

What our Seeds do best:

    • They get acquainted with existing marketing plans and create new content for multiple platforms (websites, blogs, social media, print or radio), all working in synergy to give your message reach in every direction.
    • Together with the client, they conceptualise new marketing opportunities, both traditional and unconventional. There’s no idea too big, small, weird or wonderful.
    • Seeds manage all content generation − from visuals to copy − for sales presentations, advertising and marketing events.
    • They create engaging, dynamic marketing opportunities with clients.
    • They come together to provide training around creating strong, relevant content, trends and success stories in new media.
    • They manage corporate and brand brainstorming sessions to extract only the freshest ideas from team members.

What makes our Seeds special?

    • Their collective creative and media expertise solve creative challenges in record time while keeping costs down in a two-birds-one-stone-kind-of-way.
    • They are willing and able to be a part of our client’s marketing team (they’ll even bring their own coffee).
    • Deadlines are like sunshine to our seeds, who ensure timely delivery of each client’s creative project – no excuses.
    • They generate new, fertile strategies and execute them with style and innovations, making potential consumers stand up and take notice.

Where to start?

  1. Drop us a line and give us a brief overview of your creative needs and budget so that our creative team can get back to you with a plan of action.
  2. If you like what we’re putting down, a carefully selected dream team will come together to start work on your project.


Because each project is unique, we cannot give an indication of costs on the website however budget will be discussed and project plans will be created with this in mind. Naturally, the length and logistical requirements of each project will determine the cost.

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