Julia Boltt (Content specialist, budget design & management, problem solver – Johannesburg)


Speciality Content for print and mobile platforms, specialist magazine and print budget planning and execution, editorial project management, editing and general all-purpose problem solving Once upon a time … there was a girl with a love for writing and wordplay and the wonderful world of glossy magazines. Then she discovered that there was so much […]

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Tess Paterson (freelance writer and photojournalist)


Speciality Freelance writer and photojournalist (Johannesburg) Once upon a time … … a décor editor realised she could combine her love of words and travel. It had started in Mogadishu, where Tess chronicled the story of female US marines serving in the combat zone. Since then her work has taken her all over the world […]

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Taryne Jakobi (food and decor stylist)


Speciality Food and decor stylist (Johannesburg) Once upon a time … … Taryne embarked on a romance with food. And she spent the next 25 years cooking it, styling it and presenting it tosalivating mouths and rumbling tummies. Whether it’s lining up 100 Jelly Babies for a cookbook shoot, hanging out of a tree with […]

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Tanya Kovarsky (copy, web copy, social media writing, training and editing)


Speciality All copy, web copy, social media writing, training, editing (Johannesburg) Once upon a time … … there was writer intrigued by words, making them fit, chopping them up and letting them shine. She worked tirelessly in magazines and newspapers for 11 years before discovering gadgets designed to transport words into cyberspace. Where is she […]

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Colette Diamond (event and exhibition logistics – Johannesburg)


Speciality Event and exhibition logistics (Johannesburg) Once upon a time … … Colette got her hands dirty, organizing weddings, conferences and banquets at Gold Reef City Hotel. Not dissuaded by the long hours and hard work, she then moved on to Gallagher Estate where she worked for more than 10 years. When she left in […]

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Angela Richardson (idea generator & project manager)


Speciality Idea generator & project manager (Johannesburg) Once upon a time … … there was a Hotel School graduate who woke up in the publishing world and put her foodie knowledge to good use, editing Food & Home Entertaining, Eat In and Taste Magazine. Her journey up the ranks taught Angela how to navigate the […]

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Lindsay Mitchell (business strategy, administration & event management – Cape Town)


Speciality Business strategy, administration and event management (Cape Town) Once upon a time … … Lindsay owned a coffee shop named Lemons Bistro. She built it from the ground up, spent precious moments forming relationships with customers and toiled over the accounts. And when it was fully grown, she sold it and moved to Investment […]

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