Julia Boltt (Content specialist, budget design & management, problem solver – Johannesburg)



Content for print and mobile platforms, specialist magazine and print budget planning and execution, editorial project management, editing and general all-purpose problem solving

Once upon a time

… there was a girl with a love for writing and wordplay and the wonderful world of glossy magazines. Then she discovered that there was so much more she could do – budget planning and management, project planning and execution, HR and people management. Before she knew it, she’d become a multi-tasking working mother, seamlessly juggling big budgets and big magazine egos for twelve years before taking the giant leap into freestyle self-employment.

Where is she now?

When she’s not wearing the hat of Consumer Project Manager for FAIRLADY magazine, she’s writing features for magazines, editing and managing print and online projects for a diverse group of clients and generally, having a blast doing what she loves, all while managing to squeeze tuckshop duty and playdates into the rotation.

Brag Book

Successfully creating and managing the multi-million rand editorial operational budgets for FAIRLADY magazine for five years, successfully launching the FAIRLADY Consumer Awards in 2010 and growing them every year since, and migrating the FAIRLADY Best of Beauty Awards to a slick online platform.


BA (Hons) in Drama, Higher Diploma in Journalism from Rhodes University, Eastern Cape

Nomadic Marketing, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town

Business Focused Project Management, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town

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