Lindsay Mitchell (business strategy, administration & event management – Cape Town)



Business strategy, administration and event management (Cape Town)

Once upon a time …

… Lindsay owned a coffee shop named Lemons Bistro. She built it from the ground up, spent precious moments forming relationships with customers and toiled over the accounts. And when it was fully grown, she sold it and moved to Investment Data Services in Cape Town, where she spent four years putting her valuable relationship building skills to the test.

Where is she now?

Lindsay now offers ongoing event management expertise via her own company, BusinessBasics. She is currently the event manager of the HedgeNews Africa Symposium and Awards, which is as fancy as it sounds and attracts a who’s who of fund managers, investors and service providers from all around the globe.

Brag book

Helping start The South African Culinary Academy and working with renowned chefs Garth Stroebel and Paul Hartman to offer A-grade training for aspiring chefs.


  • Bachelor of Economic degree from Stellenbosch University
  • MBA from Stellenbosch University.

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