New QR codes in U.S. Magazine Advertising

SOURCE: By Roger Matus, Executive Vice President, Ann Carver, Analyst, and Maria Tricca, Marketing Manager, Nellymoser, Inc.
Some of the interesting things that we saw in Q2 were as follows:
  1. 1365 codes were printed in Q1 2012 versus 352 during the same period last year.  (The report breaks down code type by month.)
  2. 99% of all the Top 100 U.S. Magazines included at least one code.  (The report tells you which one did not.)
  3. One out of every 12 advertisements contained a code in each month.  (The report identifies the top advertisers.)
  4. About 45% of all action codes used in magazines came from companies in just four industries.  (The report shows the top 10 industries.)
You can download the entire report from: Codes in Magazine Advertising Q1 2012.pdf

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