Study: Half of Readers ‘Note’ Tablet Ads

Among those who are noticing the ads, another 52 percent are taking action.


A key metric set that’s determining whether marketers buy ads in tablets is performance. App subscribers and downloads are nice—as long as the numbers are separated from print readers—but advertisers are looking for engagement-related metrics that prove readers are actually interacting with the product and the branding therein.

Consumer research firm GfK MRI released new research that’s showing fairly high interaction rates among readers with ads in tablets and e-readers.

At a basic level, 55 percent of magazine readers at least read an ad—and among those, 52 percent take some kind of action.

The research conducted by GfK MRI included 30,000 digital ads within 1,000 magazine issues. Of those ads, about 14,000 contained an interactive feature.

Readers are most likely to touch or click an ad to expand it, with 38 percent doing so, according to the report. Close behind that metric is the 34 percent of readers who accessed a brand’s website through the ad.

And while almost every interaction hovered around the one-third benchmark (31 percent watched a video, 30 percent viewed a gallery, 30 percent downloaded an app), social media interactivity came in at 24 percent—highlighting once again a reader’s wariness of mixing advertising with social engagement.

The research was performed by GfK’s Starch Digital service, which now tracks tablet and e-reader ad metrics across 45 consumer magazines.

Those engagement numbers come out as other studies show that advertising is growing across magazine brand platforms. Recent research highlighted by the MPA shows a 57 percent growth rate in the number of brands advertised since tablets were launched two years ago.

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