Tanya Kovarsky (copy, web copy, social media writing, training and editing)



All copy, web copy, social media writing, training, editing (Johannesburg)

Once upon a time …

… there was writer intrigued by words, making them fit, chopping them up and letting them shine. She worked tirelessly in magazines and newspapers for 11 years before discovering gadgets designed to transport words into cyberspace.

Where is she now?

Hooked up to her iPad, Macbook, iPhone or Kindle, blogging on www.dearmax.org and www.rattleandmum.co.za, running after her toddler, training for Comrades, or writing, editing and training for her own company (find her at www.tanyakovarsky.com)

Brag book

Consulting with, and doing social media and website writing for clients like the Grillhouse group, Tutuka Software and Nurture egg donation and surrogacy specialists. Writing magazine articles and copyediting for various titles, running blogging courses, and training clients with the Institute of Journalism.


Bachelor of Arts (English and Hebrew) from the University of Cape Town

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