Taryne Jakobi (food and decor stylist)



Food and decor stylist (Johannesburg)

Once upon a time …

… Taryne embarked on a romance with food. And she spent the next 25 years cooking it, styling it and presenting it tosalivating mouths and rumbling tummies. Whether it’s lining up 100 Jelly Babies for a cookbook shoot, hanging out of a tree with a reflector to “create sunlight”, or making chicken feet look appetizing, no job is too challenging for Johannesburg food stylist.

Where is she now?

As the go-to foodie and stylist, Taryne is on hand with her ideas and toolbox to not only style food, but to do recipe research, recipe development, product and prop sourcing, food copy and serving suggestions. With a personality and heart as wide as her food knowledge, Taryne liaises with clients, conceiving briefs, and working with production teams and photographers. Whether it’s magazine styling, TV ads, cookbooks and any general food styling, there is no medium Taryne can’t make mouth-watering.

Brag book

Styling cookbook Savour, available from Exclusive Books, as well as Cape to Cairo with Dorah Sitole and True Love magazine.


Catering Management (TWR Hotel School) from University of Johannesburg

Get in touch

For more about Taryne or to get in touch please visit www.tarynejakobi.co.za

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